Water Jel Combo Pack By Burn Rescue Essentials

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Product Description

Water-Jel Burn Dressings provide fast, one-step relief for emergency first aid when someone has been burned. The dressings stop burn progression and cool the skin, relieve pain and protect against airborne contamination. With this combo pack, you get two each of the 4" x 4" and 2" x 6" dressings, plus one each of the 4" x 16", 8" x 18" and 12" x 16" sizes. You'll be prepared to treat almost any size burn, at a cost of less than what you could pay buying these dressing separately at another site. Water-Jel Burn Dressings are made with a scientifically formulated cooling gel and utilize a medical-grade nonwoven pad that is non-adherent, so they will not stick to burn injuries. The dressings are soaked in a water-based / water-soluble, bacteriostatic and biodegradable gel and sterilized to ensure a contamination-free atmosphere for emergency treatment of burns. It takes no special training to provide fast and effective emergency burn care for any type of burn injury. All Water-Jel Burn Dressings have a 5-year shelf life from date of manufacture.


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