ToePal: Gel Toe Separator & Toe Stretcher for Yoga, Walking and Dancing. Instant Therapeutic Bunion Relief, Toe Alignment for Women and Men

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Product Description

- ToePal is an Orthotic device for improving Your Toes Health
Position the gels close to your toes joints and do not push them to the bottom of the toes. With the DR JK toe separators you can get relief from aching, throbbing feet and get on with your day. Constructed out of a proprietary medical-grade gel, the stretchers separate and lengthen the toes, greatly reducing strain on the joints, muscles and other tissues throughout the foot. The one-size-fits all spreaders simply slip on and instantly begin to provide relief by improving the alignment of each and every toe. Perfect for ballet dancers, yogis and athletes. Do not wear for a long time without a break and take off the gels for few hours in case of interruption of blood circulation or any other irritation.
It is researched back and y proven to cause pain relief.


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