The Disintegrator Plus Insulin Needle Destruction Device

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Product Description

Includes: Disintegrator Plus Unit, Rechargeable Battery, Battery Charger, Insert for 3/10 cc and 1/2 cc Needles, Insert for 1 cc and all Conventional B-D Brand Insulin Needles. For home use - safe, simple , effective. Turns 3/10 cc, 1/2 cc, and 1 cc insulin needles into common household trash! Dual port model treats lancets as well as insulin pen and syringe needles. Pharmacist recommended. Clinically tested and approved. FDA approved. A proud sponsor of American Diabetes Association. Specifications. Disintegrates the following needles: 5/16 inch - 1/2 inch in length; 27 gauge - 30 gauge; 1/3 cc - 1 cc syringes; most pen needles. Technical information: power supply: rechargeable battery with 110V external charger supplied. Unit dimensions: 15.24 x 8.9 x 6.35 cm. Unit weight: 448 g. Charging: The unit disintegrates over 40 needles between charges. Battery recharges in 12-15 hours (or overnight). The Disintegrator Plus utilizes a unique plasma arc to melt the needle at a temperature of over 2500 centigrade, ensuring decontamination! Turns insulin needles into common household trash! The Disintegrator Plus is a portable, easy-to-use device that allows for safe disposal of used insulin syringes by disintegrating the needle. Its small size and affordable price makes the Disintegrator Plus practical for both home and office. Because the Disintegrator Plus destroys the needle immediately after use, it eliminates the need to transport and store hazardous sharps in separate containers. Disintegrates needles into harmless bb-shaped balls. Treated sharps are safe for disposal as common household trash. Small and lightweight. Can be used almost anywhere. Rechargeable battery disintegrates over 40 needles between charges.


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