Proof Bed Bug Spray - 100% Effective, Lab Tested Bed Bug Killer

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Product Description

Delivers Real Results: PROOF Bed Bug Spray is scientifically proven to be 100% effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs to help prevent infestations. It attacks bed bugs in ways that chemical pesticides can’t. No other product provides the efficacy or protection. PROOF earns its name by delivering complete protection against bed bugs.
EPA Registered: What does EPA registration mean for you? It means every claim we make about PROOF is verified through numerous independent studies. While non-certified solutions make all kinds of claims, PROOF is the only plant-based bio-pesticide that is approved by the EPA for bed bug extermination.
PROOF Is Plant-Based: PROOF is derived from the neem tree, a tree recognized for its numerous medicinal and bug resistance properties. Neem trees are regarded as village pharmacies in India and Africa. You can use PROOF anywhere – your hotel room, your home, or any living space that you want to protect.
The Smarter, Safer Way: It’s the smarter, safer way to protect yourself and your family from bed bugs and harmful chemical pesticides. We use organic grade ingredients to make every single bottle of PROOF. Our formula was recently added to the Directory of Least Toxic Pest Control Products by BIRC.
Works For Weeks: After you spray PROOF, you can be assured that the sprayed area is protected for weeks at a time. And because PROOF is safer than chemicals, you can use the sprayed space immediately. If you’re traveling, just spray your luggage before you go, during your trip, or when you return and stay protected for weeks.
Works Without Direct Contact: Most people will never see a bed bug, even if they have bed bugs. They are excellent at hiding themselves and their eggs, only appearing when you’re asleep. This is why we spent years ensuring that PROOF would not just work when sprayed directly, but is just as effective without direct contact.


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