OVEO Pill Organizer Box, 7 Day Pill Case with Splitter Cutter, Weekly Medication Dispensers with AM/PM Compartments, Medicine Container

    Product Description

    Improve your healthcare quality with proper – on schedule medication using OVEO pills organizer!
    Specially created for those who are under the necessity of handling with a daily medication schedule, OVEO weekly pill organizer simplifies your meds routine

    How does OVEO pill organizer help me to be on time with my daily medication?
    Your ’MEDS ON TIME’ friend is designed with 7 individual compartments, one for each day of the week. Each compartment slides out the main case, being divided in 4 different times during the day: morning, noon, evening, and night. So you can enjoy and focus on daily activities.

    Party-coloured OVEO trays for you to take care about your ’Meds Time’
    Each tray is color coded and clearly labeled with time & day , so you will always be in control of your medication.

    Does OVEO pills organizer help me with the dosage of my meds?
    Your OVEO weekly pill organizer comes with a pill cutter to precisely dose your medication or to help you if having difficulties in swallowing large pills.

    We take your healthcare seriously, so...
    OVEO makes available a spoon for easily manage your pills and for a plus of hygiene.

    Planning to travel?
    No worries, you just need to enjoy your adventure, OVEO weekly pill organizer will take care of your medication. Easy to carry around, just by sliding out the compartment of the day you need. Perfectly fit in any of your bags.

    Just a click on ’Add to Cart’ button and your OVEO meds-on-time pills organizer is on its way to you!



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