Milliard Memory Foam Anti-Snore Pillow with Ultra Soft 75-Percent Cotton Removable Cover, Helps Decrease Snoring so You and Everyone else Can have a Pleasant Nights Sleep – 19x14x4.5in.

    Product Description

    "When snoring happens, it becomes everyone’s problem… except yours. You can’t hear it while you’re off in dreamland, but you’ll hear all about it in the morning from anyone within earshot. Give yourself and your loved ones a peaceful night’s sleep with the Milliard Anti-Snore Contoured Memory Foam Pillow and leave sawing wood to the lumberjacks.

    Snore No More
    At some point or another, most of us suffer from snoring issues, usually a result of awkward sleeping positions or just a rough night. Other times, it can be a more serious, chronic problem that causes sleep deprivation, workplace drowsiness, irritability, concentration issues, and decreased libido – which can all really ruin your day. It’s not a hopeless situation though. Sometimes, a simple turn of the head is all it takes to turn your whole day around. Our anti-snore pillow can help encourage the right sleeping position to open your airways and close the door on your snore.

    Contour Your Snore
    Snoring is most common among back sleepers, because it tends to relax the jaw and allow the tongue to drop back toward the throat, partially obstructing the airway and causing the uvula to vibrate as one breathes through their mouth and their nose. It sounds complicated, but the solution is simple: sleep on your side. Easier said than done? The foam in the anti-snore pillow is molded with a raised neck hump to make sleeping on your back feel awkward, but perfectly contours your neck and shoulder when sleeping on your side. After a few nights, you’ll wonder how you slept without it.

    No Place like Foam
    Just because it’s molded to correct your posture, doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. The plush polyurethane blend of premium memory foam is soft and supportive as it cradles your head in a specially molded center contour that helps sustain proper posture in your spine. Memory foam also never needs to be fluffed or smoothed out, and it’s a hypoallergenic material that resists dust mites, bacteria, and even mold. Sleep silently, and let sweet dreams sink in as your head sinks into your new favorite pillow. The removable 75% cotton cover even zips off for a quick machine wash and dry.

    All Milliard products are brought to you with safety, quality, and value in mind as part of our commitment to our consumers’ satisfaction. Don’t forget to try our other great products!"


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