Foot Pads Patches For Pain Relief | Adhesive Foot Care Patch To Remove Impurities, Relieve Stress & Improve Sleep | Lavender Infused For a Relaxing & Calming Aroma - 20 Pack

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Product Description

    Benefits from Footpads:
    • Aid in the feeling of improved quality of sleep
    • Relief from muscle tension & physical discomfort
    • Supports the immune system
    • Releases impurities & odor
    • Aids in stress release
    • Promotes healthy circulation
    • Metabolic health & wellness

    • Quick & Easy to Use with Calming Natural Ingredients:
      • Leave pads on for 6-8 hours
      • Best used overnight when body is relaxed
      • Wood vinegar extract, bamboo vinegar extract, lavender powder, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant fiber, anion powder, dextrin

      5-Step Instructions For Use:
      1. Clean feet thoroughly and dry
      2. Peel off film from adhesive sheet
      3. Place foot pad (side with letters) on center of adhesive sticky sheet
      4. Attach the foot pad onto the center of foot
      5. Leave on for 6-8 hours
      6. Remove residue from feet after use

      Notice & Proper Care:
      • Store in cool & dry place away from high temperatures
      • Keep foot pads sealed until use, keep out of reach of children
      • This product does not contain animal products such as chitosan (shellfish) which many foot pads include


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