Foot Mask - Get Soft Baby Skin in a Week - Callus Removal Foot Pack - Foot Exfoliate Peel Based on Natural Extracts - Foot Peeling for Dry and Dead Skin - 1 Pair

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Product Description

Foot peeling kits may be new to you, but are you going to use foot scrapers for the rest of
your life? After all, thanks to these simple exfoliating socks you can effortlessly restore your feet's youth
and health or get rid of unpleasant irritations.

Usage instruction:
1. Wash your feet before wearing the packs.
2. Put the packs on your feet and seal them with the attached tape.
3. Wear socks over the packs so that they won't slip down.
4. Use for 60-70 minutes (you have to keep legs vertical to keep the liquid in).
5. Wash the lotion away with warm water.
6. For best results, soak your feet in warm water for 5 mins each day for the next week.
7. In 3-7 days you'll get smooth baby feet without effort.

- Despite the healing effect of exfoliating socks, they cannot be used if you have wounds, cuts,
or skin diseases.
- During the 3-7 days of exfoliation don't use scrubs or pumices and don't try to remove the skin yourself.
It will come off in its own time.
- For women during pregnancy, the skin can be very sensitive so we advise you to consult a doctor
before applying the product.
- It is normal that after the first application, some people may experience excessive flaking, while others
less (read below!).
- Procedure can be repeated after a month from initial treatment.
- Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Info:
- The mask is made with natural ingredients: aloe and cucumber extracts, citric and lactic acids etc.
- Does not contain artificial additives or chemicals.


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