Foot Arch Support - Soft Sleeves for Plantar Fasciitis&Flat Foot pain relief - 2 pieces (Large W7.5-13 l M5.5-11)

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Product Description

Alleviate your foot pain and support problem arches with the Happy2Wear Silicone Arch Support sleeves. This soft silicone pads gently compresses the midfoot to provide support and stability.
Ease fallen arches, flat feet and drop foot. Helps relieve plantar fasciitis and reduces the arch pain. Easily slips into shoes.
Arch supports prevent and relieve flat feet, free from pain symptoms in the feet and neutralize fatigue.
Arch Support sleeves made of high-quality medical grade silicone, which gently supports the arch of the foot - gel pad absorbs the shock of walking and helps standing for long time, improves blood circulation.
Arch supports are well suited for use at home, at work, when walking, hiking and doing sports.


✔️ Plantar Fasciitis
✔️ Flat Feet
✔️ Pes Planus
✔️ Heel Pain
✔️ Heel Spurs
✔️ Heel Calluses
✔️ Bone Spur

Instruction for use
✔️ Best used with clean and dry footwear and snug socks

Size: Large

Women's: 7.5-13
Men's: 5.5-11

If, for some reason, you are uncomfortable with using our product, please let us know.


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