Ear Wax Remover BOCOO Ear Wax Remover Cleaning System Ear Clean and Irrigate Removal Bottle Kit with 4 tips

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Earwax Remover,BOCOO Ear Wax Washer Cleaning System ,Ear Clean and Irrigate Removal Bottle Kit

Wax blockage is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. can also lead to earache, ringing in the ear, itching, odor,
and discharge.This is often caused by attempts to clean the ear with cotton swabs. Most cleaning attempts merely push the wax
deeper into the ear canal,causing a blockage.

If not cotton swabs, is there other way to clean your ear more safe and effective,According to the American Academy of
Otolaryngology(ear, nose, and throat specialists), irrigation or ear syringing is a much better solution. the BOCOO Wax Removal
Kit can deal with it perfectly.

Avoid expensive doctor's bill, the ear Cleaning System is easy to use at home. Simply fill
1/4 of the bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide, and the rest with very warm water. Attach one of the washing tips, stay seated,
and pump the solution into your ear. it's so easy to clean your ear.


1.NEVER use a solution cooler than body temperature! This can cause dizziness!
2.It is normal to feel pressure but not pain. STOP immediately if you feel any pain and consult your physician for professional help.
3.Ensure the tip is not inserted too far into the ear canal to avoid injury to the tympanic membrane.


1x BOCOO Ear Cleaning System
1x User Manual
1x Storage Bag

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