Anti-Snoring Chin Strap & Jaw Support Belt - Natural Sleep,Instant Relief - Adjustable Velcro - Non-Sliding Off - Comfortable,Breathable Fabric - Stop Snoring CAPA Headband (BLUE with chin hole)

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Product Description

What's It Useful For:

Stress relief
Dry mouth
Deviated septum breathing problems 
Effective CPAP therapy

What's CPAP Therapy:

Mouth breathing is a big problem for CPAP users. It adversely affect CPAP adherence because the CPAP air cannot get through your airways with the right pressure. The chin strap keeps the mouth closed during sleep, thus preventing the air (delivered from the CPAP machine) to escape from the open mouth.

Why It Works?

It ensures smooth and snore free breathing by preventing the air flow leak from the mouth and holding the chin in a stable position to encourage breathing through the nose. This product will benefit greatly if you breathe from your mouth but not if you breathe from your nose.

How Long To Adapt?

Normally It may take 7-10 days to get completely adapted to wearing the chin strap for long hours,but it varies from person to person.

How To Clean?

Using daily washing liquid,then drying by hanging. Clean it each 3-5 days.

How To Use?

Step ①: Adjust the velcro strap on the top of your head.
Step ②: Put the strap on your head and adjust to make sure your mouth is close.
Step ③: Let the side straps go around your ears.
Step ④: Adjust and tighten the velcro comfortably at the back of your head, near the neck.


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