3-size Waterproof No-Leak Ice Pack Bags Reusable for Sports Pain Relief & Post-Op Cold Therapy (Royal Blue)

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Product Description

Why buy from us?
• We've been making hot & cold therapy and other first-aid products for a decade so we know exactly what customers need
• We take special care to address problems users have with our own as well as competitors' products
• We source the highest quality, durable materials so our bags can be reused over and over

Advantages of Ice Bags made by HoneyHeal Recipes
• Watertight, anti-leak material that retains the moisture and temperature inside as long as possible
• Soft but durable rubberized fabric that cushions your skin when you're trying to relieve pain; easily adaptable to the area you're trying to treat
• Innovative lightweight, compact design that let's you keep them around at your work station or in your car for grab-and-go pain relief
• Smart rubber cap that tightly seals everything inside, and large enough to easily fit in big chunks of ice
• 100% money-back guarantee with every purchase

Common questions & concerns:
• How big are these bags?
Our ice bags come in packs of 3, one large, one medium, and one small. Their full lengths are 11", 9", 6", respectively.
• How can I keep the outside clean?
The outside material is easily washable with soap and water. Clean wipes work as well.
• Do the bags smell bad inside?
We've pre-treated these bags to remove odors, but if you still detect a bad smell, you can wash out the inside with tepid water mixed with baking soda upon first use.
• Can I fill them up with ice or water and keep them frozen in the freezer?
We don't recommend this since the seal will be too frozen to open and the exterior could become vulnerable to very sharp objects when completely frozen.
• Can I fill them with hot water?
No. These are ice bags only and not designed to serve as hot water bottles.

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